Man Of Steel

We were as excited as everyone else for the release of this film, which is why it was so fun to be a part of the campaign. Featuring multiple viral countdowns as well as the official site, we worked closely with Warner Bros. to build the already high anticipation for what is sure to be the first in a very successful series of films.

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Man Of Steel: Viral Campaign

Over the course of the Man Of Steel campaign we worked closely with Warner Bros to build anticipation for the release of new content. Our sites would launch in the days leading up to release cryptically letting fans know that something was about to happen. Each slowly transformed until the moment of the final release when they switched for all users simultaneously revealing the new content. Our first launch was a Kryptonian countdown that users could read only after decoding the glyphs. The second release was a transmission from outer space that began as complete static and slowly cleared to reveal Zod's shield. The final release showed a kryptonian message slowly draw into place. Each countdown generated a spree of online chatter while we lurked on the forums and took it all in.

Man Of Steel: Official Site

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